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The Solution

AnapnoGuard: A Powerful Multi-Function Solution

The Need: Airway Management during
Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation

Critical aspects in the management of mechanically ventilated patients are optimization of the ventilation procedure and prevention of complications. Both can be related to inappropriate endotracheal tube (ETT) cuff pressure, leading to injury of the trachea tissue and leakage of subglottic secretions into the lungs.

The AnapnoGuard Solution

Hospitech Respiration’s AnapnoGuard solution provides a new therapeutic approach, based on the AnapnoGuard 100 Respiratory Guard System, for continuous, closed loop control of trachea sealing and endotracheal cuff pressure.

The AnapnoGuard 100 system aims at preventing complications related to prolonged mechanical ventilation, including air leakage from the lungs, aspiration of subglottic secretions into the lungs, and tracheal tissue injuries.

The AnapnoGuard 100 system integrates two innovative solutions that address crucial aspects of prolonged mechanical ventilation:

  • Regulation of cuff pressure based on CO2 values above the cuff
  • Effective rinsing and evacuation of subglottic secretions from above the cuff

The AnapnoGuard range of innovative products presents a comprehensive answer to airway management in a variety of clinical settings; together with the AnapnoGuard Endotrachial Tube (AG ETT), the AnapnoGuard 100 System provides automated control over both cuff pressure and secretion evacuation.

In cases where the automated solution is not available, the AnapnoGuard range of products offers easy, simple and accessible disposables for manual operation, such as the AG Manual Aspiration of Subglottic Secretion device - AG MASS and the AG CUFFILL device that is used for simple and accurate measuring and adjustment of cuff pressure.

The AnapnoGuard 100 Respiratory Guard System - Mode of Operation

Real-time leakage detection and optimization of cuff pressure

The AnapnoGuard 100 Respiratory Guard System and ETT detect air leakage from the lungs based on the measuring of CO2 level above the cuff. The system continuously monitors irregular CO2 levels above the cuff and adjusts the cuff pressure to ensure complete airway sealing.

The AnapnoGuard 100 Respiratory Guard System sets and maintains the minimal cuff pressure required to ensure sealing of the trachea. Detection fo elevated co2

In clinical settings where the automated solution is not available, easy motoring and adjustment of the cuff pressure can be achieved manually with the AG CUFFILL device.

Effective evacuation of secretions

The AnapnoGuard 100 System system and ETT include an effective mechanism for the evacuation of subglottic secretions. In addition to the standard cuff inflation lumen, the AG ETT includes three more lumens:

  • A lumen positioned at the ventral side of the tube, serving as a CO2 monitoring lumen, which is also utilized for venting the subglottic volume and for saline rinsing during suction.
  • Two lumens, positioned at the sides of the dorsal part of the tube circumference, are used for suction and are designed to prevent blockage and potential damage to the tracheal tissue.

In order to minimize the risk associated with the vacuum applied on the tracheal tissue, the system performs intermittent adjustable suction sequences which include relaxation periods.

The AnapnoGuard 100 System provides effective evacuation of subglottic secretion by simultaneously rinsing with saline from one port while performing suction from the two other suction ports.

In clinical settings where the automated solution is not available, effective rinsing and suction of secretions can be achieved manually with the AG MASS device.

The automated solution

The AnapnoGuard 100 System for automated cuff pressure control and evacuation of subglottic secretions * Not available in the US

The ETT and disposable solutions

AnapnoGuard Endotracheal Tube (AG ETT)
Manual Aspiration of Subglottic Secretions (AG MASS)
Cuff Pressure Measurement and Adjustment (AG CUFFILL)
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